Planning A Visit To Columbus, Ohio

I have not traveled much in my life, so I decided that it would be great if I got out more. I started thinking about all of the places that have intrigued me over the years and I believe that Columbus, Ohio would be one of the best places to go. Now that I have accrued some vacation time at work, I am working on making solid plans for a trip.

The first thing I will need to do is book a flight. I know that it may be cheaper to take an Amtrak or something, but I do not want to be on a train for so many hours when I can get there quicker in a plane. It is about 650 miles to get there from where I live. I am hoping that I am able to get there without having to worry about any layovers.

I watched an episode of House Hunters recently and the people on the show discussed how there were so many great museums in Columbus. That is one of the reasons that I want to visit. The Columbus Museum of Art and the Ohio Craft Museum are just a couple of places that I will need to put on my schedule. I know there is more, but those are the two places that stick out to me the most.

Another thing that I want to do is visit Skyline Chili. This is one of the foods that the region is known for, so there is no way that I want to visit without trying it out. The idea of chili having a string cinnamon flavor does not sound too appetizing to me, but I cannot say I do not like it if I have never taken the time to try it. I also want to try a Spicy Bahama Mama, which is a sausage that is really popular in the area. I love spicy food, so this is something that seems like it would be right up my alley.

I know that I want to head to Cleveland, Ohio at some point to see the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but I want to head to Columbus at some point before that. There is so much to see in Columbus that I will have to spend at least a few days there before heading to the next city. I want to make sure I don’t miss anything.