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    Characteristics and introduction of wood plastic composites

    Wood plastic composite materials are mainly made of sawdust, shavings, bamboo shavings, rice husk, wheat bran, peanut husk, cotton and low biomass such as fiber With a certain proportion of plastic base, after processing by special process, reversible recycling, wide coverage, variety of products, diverse basic material of shape and structure.


    At present, the name is different, also known as plastic wood, environmental protection wood, wood technology, renewable wood, such as wood polymerization, English Name: wood plastic composite, referred to as WPC. It has all the characteristics of wood processing.


    The new material has five characteristics


    Material resources: biomass materials are mainly wastes with wide sources and low value. Plastic parts are not high, old and new, mixed materials, fully reflects the comprehensive utilization and effective utilization of resources.


    2. Plastic products: wood plastic products made of synthetic products can be adjusted according to the random process formula to produce materials with different properties and shapes, and the material utilization rate is close to 100%.


    3. Environmental protection: the additives commonly used in wood plastic materials and plastic products are safe and environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless, and will not produce side effects in the process of production and processing, so they do not constitute a register close to human body and environmental risks.


    4. Cost saving: wood plastic products realize the transfer of low plant materials to high value-added products, which not only has low maintenance cost, but also has many times of product life.


    5. Recycling waste products and recycled wood plastic materials can be 100% recycled without affecting the performance of the products, which can truly realize the "reduction, biochemical, recycling" circular economy mode.


    Application of wood plastic composite materials:


    Building materials: including base material, door panel, wall panel, floor and decoration material series;


    Outdoor facilities: including bar, floor, column, handrail, etc


    Logistics: Main packaging, container board, light, heavy pallet, etc


    Traffic facilities: main obstacles, partitions, walls, signs, etc


    Furniture: Main wardrobe, cupboard, tea table, flower rack, etc


    With the decrease of natural wood resources, the increasing demand of wood products market, and the passage of time, the huge demand will eventually make the domestic wood plastic market open. This is the inevitable trend in the future.

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